Industrial Cladding Cleaning Services

If you manage an industrial or commercial building you should consider investing in our professional cladding cleaning service. A neglected exterior can drive higher maintenance costs through corrosion, as well as present a poor image for your business. Correct maintenance and cleaning will ensure lower repair costs long term. Neglect can result in extensive exterior damage and interior damage from leaks which may destroy the building’s interior including machinery, stock, equipment and furniture as well as business process disruption.

This is why regular cleaning and maintenance makes sense, and we provide an advanced cleaning process that is highly effective and minimizes the frequency of cleans required.

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Cladding Cleaning Company Dublin

We are specialist in cladding power washing and we can guarantee excellent results for all types of cladding, from stone or brick cladding to fibre cement, wooden, aluminum, steel, weatherboard or glass cladding. More than often, we can restore cladding to near original state/color.

Truck mount access

We carry or own water supply

Friendly, professional service
Competitive rates
Eco friendly
Powerful 3,000 to 12,000 PSI
Pressure washing up To 150°c
First Aid and Eye Wash Stations

Cladding Power Washing – We Just Do It Better

  • No disruption to business activities.
  • Trained and experienced technicians.
  • Fully accredited and certified.
  • ‘Reach And Wash’ pole-fed system or high reach system to deliver effective cleaning for all building types.
  • Cherry-picker for quick access and to negate the need for ladders or other structurally damaging measures.
  • Suitable chemicals with safety adhered to for all industries including food production and pharmaceuticals.

Safe & Effective

We use safe & effective cladding jet washing cleaning procedures and machinery. At all times the health & safety of the public, our staff, and all those affected by the cleaning process are paramount.

Proven Effectiveness

Hot power washing is proven to be one of the most efficient ways to clean all types of cladding. The high temperature power jet cuts trough dirt and industrial residue.

Any Cladding Type

All cladding types can be power washed from warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, industrial buildings cleaning to showroom cleaning, shop front cleaning, retail cleaning, façade cleaning, school cleaning, hospital cleaning.

Industrial Grade

We use heavy duty power washers for cleaning cladding. We can clean large areas in a very short time, using cherry pickers and/or long-reach power-jet washers.

Fast & Efficient Service

We offer a fast same-day cladding cleaning service, in Dublin and sourounding counties: Meath, Louth Wicklow and Kildare. If required we can provide weekend or after hours power wash service.

Better Service & Prices

We can be beaten when it comes to external cladding cleaning price, service quality or customer service. If you get a better price quote anywhere, we will match it.

Cladding Power Washing FAQ’s

What types of cladding can be cleaned?

There are many different kinds of cladding including brick, render, stone, PVC, uPVC, Polyvinyl chloride, veneer and timber with a variety of finishes including anodized, painted, plastic coated, powder coated and more. We can clean any type of cladding and we use the appropriate tools and detergents to ensure optimal cleaning.

Why should you get the cladding cleaned?
Cladding cleaning restores the overall appearance of the building, by getting rid of moss, algae and lichens that look unattractive and cause damage to the cladding. Regular cleaning and power washing maintains and prolongs the life of  external cladding facades and surfaces.
Why hire a professional cladding cleaning company?
Various tools and chemicals are required for the job depending on cladding type, cladding age and dirt accumulated on the cladding.
We have all the machinery and detergents required to achieve optimal results every time.