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Gum can be a very hard stain to tackle, but for the team at Mobile Power Washing, chewing gum removal is something that we have proven experience in. We use specialized equipment to remove chewing gum from any surface, whether it’s stone, wood, fabric or carpet in order to bring your surface back to its original state.
We have the experience and equipment to remove gum stains from even the trickiest of surfaces. Our commitment to the removal cleaning job is second to none, as evidenced by our supply of the highest standard of equipment in tandem with the most dedicated and customer-friendly team of cleaning staff in Dublin.

Chewing Gum Removal – We Do It Better

  • Safe & Effective

    We use a safe & effective process that ensures 100{760aabc5febf5d0415c1176e5a85df78e718599ef7c17788878672a9cc94bbce} removal of gum deposits delivering a consistent high quality finish across the entire treated area. At all times the health & safety of the public, our staff, and all those affected by the cleaning process are paramount.

  • High & Low Pressure

    For large areas we operate high-pressure systems which deliver an effective gum removal result. In locations where only small surface areas require treatment and/or high-pressure cleaning is not appropriate, our low pressure spot clean technique is used.

  • Cold & Hot Treatment

    In order to preserve the original surface condition, we can provide both high and low temperature water pressure or steam chewing gum removal techniques.

  • Any Surface

    Whether it’s paving, brick, tarmac, concrete or stone, our specialized steam cleaning, water jetting system, will ensure that the surface is deep cleaned and sanitized removing any evidence the chewing gum was ever there.

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    Chewing gum removal service available indoors or outdoors: playgrounds, schools, footpaths, supermarkets, retail outlets, shopping centers, showrooms, fast food restaurants, services stations, stadiums etc.

  • Better Service & Prices

    We can be beaten when it comes to chewing removal price, service quality or customer service. If you get a better price quote anywhere, we will match it.

Chewing Gum Removal FAQ’s

There are many different kinds of cladding including brick, render, stone, PVC, uPVC, Polyvinyl chloride, veneer and timber with a variety of finishes including anodized, painted, plastic coated, powder coated and more. We can clean any type of cladding and we use the appropriate tools and detergents to ensure optimal cleaning.

Cladding cleaning restores the overall appearance of the building, by getting rid of moss, algae and lichens that look unattractive and cause damage to the cladding. Regular cleaning and power washing maintains and prolongs the life of  external cladding facades and surfaces.

Various tools and chemicals are required for the job depending on cladding type, cladding age and dirt accumulated on the cladding.
We have all the machinery and detergents required to achieve optimal results every time.

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