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Whether the exterior of your building or house needs soft washing or power washing, our team of professional building cleaners, can efficiently clean roofs, walls, cladding or glass. We have the necessary equipment to clean any building, any size: from residential homes to industrial sheds, tall buildings, and everything in-between. No job too big or too small!

If you’re in county Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Louth or Meath, contact us for professional unrivaled cladding and exterior cleaning services.

Building Cleaning – We Do It Better

  • Safe & Effective

    Our exterior building cleaning methods are effective, safe and do not cause damage to the cleaned surface or nearby plants.

  • Low & High Pressure

    Depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned we use the appropriate water jet pressure to ensure that best results are achieved.

  • Cold & Hot Treatment

    We use both cold and hot water mix depending on the surface that needs cleaning.

  • No Building Too Tall

    We use both cold and hot water mix depending on the surface that needs cleaning.

  • Any Surface

    We can professionally clean cladding, brick, glass, stone, tiles and any other exterior building material.

  • Better Service & Prices

    We can be beaten when it comes to exterior building cleaning price, service quality or customer service. If you get a better price quote anywhere, we will match it.

Exterior building cleaning FAQ’s

When carried out correctly, soft washing is a more effective solution than power washing. This is because the results last longer, and the maintenance requirements are less. Soft washing does less damage to delicate surfaces and retains the material’s outer surface integrity, meaning less upkeep costs from a structural and maintenance point of view.

Soft washing is ideal for any surfaces where there is a requirement for maintaining a clean, un-weathered look or where the surface layer may be delicate. Wall render can have delicate integrity as a softer overall material, and as such is often unsuitable for power washing.

Because soft washing protects the surface integrity, its effects are longer lasting and don’t require constant upkeep. After an initial application, quick upkeep is only required once a year or so to maintain a like-new surface.

It takes up to 1 hour to clean the average one car space driveway, plus another approx. 1,5 hours to re-sand and/or re-seal (if required).

Power washing, or pressure washing, sprays high pressure water to remove stubborn stains, dirt, and grime from buildings, masonry, fences, metal and concrete. Very hot water is used in commercial cleaning situations For removal of tough oil stains, grease etc.

Chewing gum removal prices vary depending on the area that needs to be cleaned. Different cleaning solution are required for steel, glass, concrete, etc.
Prices range between €2 and €5 per square meter. Typically the price will falls towards the lower range for larger areas and the higher end for small quick jobs.

There are many different kinds of cladding including brick, render, stone, PVC, uPVC, Polyvinyl chloride, veneer and timber with a variety of finishes including anodized, painted, plastic coated, powder coated and more. We can clean any type of cladding and we use the appropriate tools and detergents to ensure optimal cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the process of removing dirt, grease and stains from surfaces that require a more gentle cleaning process. Example: glass, carpets, tiles, siding, grouting and other similar surfaces. The vapor produced by steam cleaner acts as an instant disinfectant, making it ideal for cleaning restaurants, kitchens, hospitals & of course your home.

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