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Introducing our professional soft washing services, the new alternative to power washing

While power washing is a fantastic solution for many types of cleaning processes, there are certain situations that call for a more delicate approach.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a new cleaning process that involves expertly administered eco-friendly cleaning solutions and a low-pressure washing process.

Soft washing replaces the need for high-pressure systems that can damage some surfaces.

The solution involves applying a layer of expertly-mixed and balance eco-friendly cleaning solutions, then rinsing off at a low water pressure grade for maximum results. 

Frequently asked questions about soft washing:

Is soft washing more expensive than power washing?

When carried out correctly, soft washing is a more effective solution than power washing. This is because the results last longer, and the maintenance requirements are less. Soft washing does less damage to delicate surfaces and retains the material’s outer surface integrity, meaning less upkeep costs from a structural and maintenance point of view.

What surfaces require soft washing?

Soft washing is ideal for any surfaces where there is a requirement for maintaining a clean, un-weathered look or where the surface layer may be delicate. Wall render can have delicate integrity as a softer overall material, and as such is often unsuitable for power washing.

Are the chemicals toxic or damaging to the surrounding area?

Correct soft-washing technique depends on a carefully chosen eco-friendly cleaning solution, to leave zero structural impact on the target surface. This also means no damage to the surrounding areas, ground soil, or grass and is pet and child friendly. We’ll happily provide you with advice on our chosen cleaning solutions and answer any additional questions you may have.

Does soft washing last longer than power washing?

Because soft washing protects the surface integrity, its effects are laster longing and don’t require constant upkeep. After an initial application, quick upkeep is only required once a year or so to maintain a like-new surface.

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Soft Washing
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