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Mobile Power Washing provides high quality industrial steam cleaning services throughout Dublin and surrounding counties. Our fully dedicated heavy duty steam cleaning service will swiftly and fully remove all stains from the hardest of surfaces, leaving them looking as good as new. We only use top of the range equipment, which in conjunction with our commitment to providing total customer satisfaction means that you will get a first-class service from us.

By choosing Mobile Power Washing, you’re choosing a provider of customer-focused, high-quality, efficient industrial steam cleaning services. Our team of technicians are committed to providing you with a friendly, knowledgeable service and sees no job as too big or too small.

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They get The job done. Very friendly service with a competitive. Will definitely be using form now on.

Industrial Steam Cleaning Company Dublin

If you’re looking for an industrial standard steam cleaning service in Dublin for tiled, stone or wooden floors, walls, corridors, and entrances then look no further than Mobile Power Washing. If it needs to be cleaned, we have the specialized equipment for the job! Our fully experienced team are sure to transform any surface from gritty to gleaming, leaving your premises looking as good as new.

If you’re looking for a professional reliable and cost effective industrial cleaning company in Dublin, Mobile Power Washing is the answer. Get in touch today to discuss your exact requirements and we can calculate a free quote with no obligation for you without delay.

Truck mount access

We carry or own water supply

Friendly, professional service
Competitive rates
Eco friendly
Powerful 3,000 to 12,000 PSI
Pressure washing up To 150°c
First Aid and Eye Wash Stations

Steam Cleaning – We Just Do It Better

Safe & Effective

We use safe & effective steam cleaning procedures and machinery. At all times the health & safety of the public, our staff, and all those affected by the cleaning process are paramount.

Environmentally Friendly

Steam cleaning is a natural and effective way to remove stubborn dirt and stains. Plus, a steam cleaner kills 99.9% of household germs, including salmonella, E. Coli and Staphylococcus, as well as dust mites and surface mold.

Removes Oil & Grease

Hot steam breaks down grease and oil! By cleaning with steam, it can easily penetrate fine cracks between greasy dirt and surface to loosen and dislodge stubborn dirt particles.

Industrial Grade

We use industrial-grade steam cleaners for cleaning indoor areas, including homes and commercial areas such as office buildings, retail areas, hotels, gyms, kitchens, etc,

Fast & Efficient Service

We offer a fast same-day steam cleaning service, and we can clean your kitchen, office or entire building after hours or at the weekend, without interfering with your day-to-day business.

Better Service & Prices

We can be beaten when it comes to steam cleaning price, service quality or customer service. If you get a better price quote anywhere, we will match it.

Steam Cleaning FAQ’s

What is steam cleaning?
Steam cleaning is the process of removing dirt, grease and stains from surfaces that require a more gentle cleaning process. Example: glass, carpets, tiles, siding, grouting and other similar surfaces. The vapor produced by steam cleaner acts as an instant disinfectant, making it ideal for cleaning restaurants, kitchens, hospitals & of course your home.
What are the advantages of steam cleaning?
When compared with power washing, the main advantage of steam cleaning is the high temperature that provides a more effective sanitation, getting the job done quicker with less water. Steam washing produces less pressure, significantly reducing the likelihood of damage to the cleaned surface.
Why is steam cleaning more hygienic than power washing?
  • kills adult and larval fleas
  • kills the mold spores
  • kills cockroaches
  • kills carpet beetles
  • kills dust mites
  • kills most viruses
  • removes cigarette smell
What can be steam cleaned?
Almost any surface that requires high temperature to either break trough tough dirt or needs to be disinfected can be steam cleaned.

  • bathrooms
  • blinds
  • brick floors
  • carpets
  • cars
  • couches
  • curtains
  • dishwashers
  • drapes
  • driveways
  • engines
  • furniture
  • grills
  • hardwood floors
  • interior walls
  • kitchens
  • laminate floors
  • linoleum floors
  • mattresses
  • microwaves
  • ovens
  • porcelain tile floors
  • quarry tiles
  • rubber floors
  • rugs
  • showers
  • sofas
  • stone floors
  • tiles
  • upholstery
  • vinyl floors
  • windows